Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Submission Guidelines

Only electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents are accepted. Submissions are accepted only after a call for papers is announced for a particular issue. Authors are requested to preserve a copy of the soft file and send the same as attachment to the editors at The author(s) will have to send a declaration via e-mail that the attached article is not being currently considered for publication by other publishing agencies.


File Types:

The following doc (text) and image files are processed:
Text formats: MS Word 97—2007, Open Office Documents.
Image format: JPEG.

Format of the Articles:

Authors need to follow  the MLA style strictly while preparing the articles. The guidelines can be found here:
Authors are requested to include the following in the format of their articles:
Full Title with subtitle, if any.
An abstract of the article of about 100-150 words.
Heading, sub-headings, illustrations should be well accommodated within the main body of the article.
The article should be of 5000 words approximately, inclusive of notes and references.
A bio-note of the author of around 100 words should be included as an attachment.

Footnotes should be avoided. Include Notes after the end of the article and before References. Referencing must follow the MLA style.

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